Wei Chen
Cook for Yourself: Food, Kitchen, Food, and Gendert
This project focuses on the discrimination that women may face, with a focus on food and cooking and social lives, by exploring the challenges that women meet in the kitchen and outside of it, the historical and social factors, and how the latter influences the former. The research involves interviews among women familiar with home cooking, and books and journals from all culture backgrounds about feminist food studies, domesticties, patriarchy, etc. This project aims to deliver the common situation of women in the home kitchen and the society and how they are treated di!erently, and o!er an opportunity to observe this serious topic in a more accessible way. Therefore, a complete set of the card game—including the game equipment itself, and a booklet and posters introducing the rules and the study—will be made. The game will work as an introduction to this topic, and the audience will at least be aware of the existence of such unfairness after playing the game. The goal of this project is to unfold the sexual bias in every corner of the world through the board game that allows the audience to recognize women’s contribution to the family and the society and understand its di"culties in their own experience.