Digital Escapism takes a critical and speculative look at the future of digital escapism. In a world of rapidly increasing technology, and the influx of digital methods of connection during the pandemic, it is imperative that we take a moment to reflect, question, and observe the effects of connection through digital platforms. The Xscape App and Cinema 4D renders show digital escapism in an idealized, utopic state through a positive lens, while serving as a dichotomy to the zine which will provide a critical analysis of the truths, and potential cons, of digital escapism. Digital Escapism shows how 3D Design and VR Design can create new experiences which transform intangible experiences into digitally tangible experiences. Key opposing forces of digital vs. physical means and intangible vs. tangible means drive the thesis forward. The digital format of the zine continues to explore this narrative. The 3D renders were created in Cinema 4D. The Xscape App was created using Adobe XD, After Effects, and Illustrator. The zine was created using Adobe InDesign. Let's Connect! IG /