Olivia Kossakowski
Hyper-Normalism & the American Dream
Hypernormalization is the surreal state of normalcy in which politicians and citizens maintain the pretense of a functioning society during a time of extreme political, social, and/or cultural unrest. Hypernormalization is also the same delusional facade that the United States puts on in order to create an image of stability in the face of rampant gun violence, police brutality, abusive immigration policies, and human rights violations. These are all issues that the United States continues to mask, with the goal of preserving the idea of the American Dream. Cupid's Dreamy Delights is a speculative design project that reveals the delsuion of the American Dream. By day, Cupid's Dreamy Delights is a delivery-only bakery whose mission is to make home-baked treats accessible to our local community through our door-to-door delivery service. By night, Cupid's Dreamy Delights sells high-quality forged United States identification papers. Our packages offer fast-tracked US identities to customers hoping to achieve the American Dream without the uncertainty of the legal application process.