"The Shanghaier" is a zine project which reflects the press freedom and the governmental information monopoly on Chinese media with the focus on the Shanghai covid lockdown that is happening currently. The Chinese title of the project, 攻坚者, means “the person who is fighting against the fortified enemy”, which is a term widely used in Chinese official media publishes to describe the people fighting against the covid. The term also suggests a strong sense of political correctness, which is being promoted by official media in China. I use this title as a disguise for the content hidden under the cover as a satire of Chinese censorship. The English title, Shanghaier, originally means the person who kidnaps (a civilian or sailor) for enforced service at sea on a merchant ship, also means the person who forces or tricks (someone) into doing something, going somewhere, etc, which I find related to the control of Chinese media from the government, which also ties to the content of Shanghai lockdown. I collected the information and photos posted by different media sources and categorize them into four chapters for the zine: distraction, denial, deception, and decontamination, which reflect the theme from different aspects.