A World That Never Was is a project where color and shape interact psychologically to create a vibrant dreamland with various narratives. In the project I wanted to leave the idea of direct image making to create pictures in an intuitive manner through collage and painting. I researched the different perceptions a viewer has of more ambiguous imagery as seen in the Rorschach test, and studied the principles of form perception in cognitive psychology to figure out how it all works from a scientific standpoint. People have varying perspectives of what they see in abstracted images, and this relates to the viewers lived experience and their own unique psyche. Our eyes search to perceive things like figures against backgrounds and the contours of forms, while organizing the different elements to make sense out of what we think we’re looking at. In A World That Never Was I attempt to play the role of the viewer and creator simultaneously, while trying to clarify what I see in the shapes and create narratives based off of those shapes and color relationships. I don’t intend for this project to have a clinical utility like the Rorschach test, but I do see it as a way of exploring my own psyche while creating a process of working to produce images that stem out of my subconscious.
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