OK GIRL tackles gender identity by using physicality as a tool. Where physical form has negatively impacted me throughout my life, the literal hand sculpting of form and identity is my approach to taking control of my physical being. It has brought into question several aspects of gender presentation and performance. Using knitting as a viewfinder, I dissected complex emotions and experiences and stitched them back together. Constructed in three handmade pieces and recorded in a book, OK GIRL is a love letter to knitting as an art form + the nonbinary experience. The soft volume of the fabrics I’ve created speaks to how gently and delicately I want to talk about these subjects. They’re incredibly personal and require so much thought, it’s just as meticulous as generating any other piece of design. In creating tangible work to describe my relationship with dysphoria, I don’t want to suggest that these are solutions. My intention was to express myself non-verbally, but be able to have the articulated thought to justify it. This project is titled “ok girl.” No matter what I tell you about myself, you will still, in some capacity, perceive me as a girl. Between the gendering of my form of dress, my physical appearance, and every shade of pink in this book, it’s guaranteed to happen—I want it to happen. If I can acknowledge that I do not exist in the parameters of a woman, yet embrace all of these things that are assigned femininity, even if it means I won’t be perceived as my honest self, then I have moved beyond a need for gender. The future is non-binary, it is genderless.
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