Through preliminary research I have arrived at a 3-part thesis proposal. Designing a form of graphic notation characteristic of the shape of a sound, producing music through the use of design processes, and notating the song through my new visual notation. Using a minimalist framework, I will attempt to remove corny visual associations to music to reset the way we visualize music. As I work through this project, I will build a system of graphic notation; establishing parameters as I document more sounds. I will then develop an intuitive system of reading music based on my iconographic research. The musical production aspect of this proposal will rely on my own interpretation of design processes applied musically. Upon researching my initial topic and receiving guidance from peers and professor, I have decided to investigate the production of the song and the ability to perform the created song. I have decided to execute both parts of my proposal to put each other to the test. Producing a song then documenting it using a new system of graphic notation is a symbiotic process that aids in legitimizing the musical project and conceptualizing the graphical project. I want to make minimal reference to the standard musical notation and its associated iconography because I want to reinvent the way music is visualized.