For my illustration thesis, I wanted to explore the connection between human beings and nature by creating a series of large acrylic paintings. I arranged the images chronologically to form a sequential narrative about a fictionalized future society. The wordless story follows the journey of a young woman who decides to secretly explore the outside world (beyond the security and confinement of her glass-enclosed house), which is no longer habitable for humans. As she wanders aimlessly through the wilderness, she begins to grasp how humans have destroyed most of the world’s natural beauty. Eventually, she finds a lively place hidden deep within the forest, far away from civilization, full of sentient plants and animals that were able to flourish without the interference of human beings. She decides to chop down a giant flower, which angers the nature around her. The blue sky turns gray and a mass of vines entwine and consume the woman to avenge the offense they have suffered at her hands. She becomes part of nature (or one with it), which is supposed to be both creepy and comforting. I wanted to illustrate the beauty in decay and our return to nature once we die.