“In This Dream It’s Not On Fire” is an illustrative installation project. It began with questioning the relationship between body, self and the space that one inhabits. My attempts to answer this question via portraits of my friends and loved ones in their intimate spaces began to extend beyond the confines of interior space and out into the world. If a bedroom is an extension of a body, where else do I exist? How do I project myself onto the outside world? And what of it do I bring inside my space and myself? The project became about illustrating blurred lines. Every place that I have slept is a part of me and I have left something of myself in each of them. The window pieces illustrate views into different, in some ways conflicting, worlds existing simultaneously. They represent the collapsing of interior and exterior worlds as a result of states of high anxiety about self, climate, and major life changes. Outside becomes inside, environments seep in, and dreams and anxieties are projected back out into the world. In all of this, the bedroom becomes a safe space for this overlap to exist. This series of illustrations created to live inside the installation space and explore these questions exist alongside ceramics, found objects, photographs, textiles, video and audio.
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