(In)visible Waste is a year-long project composed of a series of research, designs, and explorations on the topic of waste and trash. It uses New York as a case study (due to its highly visible trash on the streets) to raise questions and call for participation from all over the world, with the goal of making this world a little cleaner. The literal trash bags and the social issues associated with it are right under everyone’s noses, but a lot of us are used to it, or too lazy/scared/confused/uninformed that the immense amount of waste/trash has become somewhat invisible. It is to express this irony and juxtaposition that I named this project (In)visible Waste. Throughout the year, I have taken countless photographs and recordings of waste/trash everywhere I go in New York. I have talked to friends, family, and experts in associated fields. I have visited waste-related sites such as Fresh Kills, formerly the biggest landfill in the world. I have created speculative designs and visual representations to make this issue come to light. All of the above are stored in a worldly-community-based online hub with the same project name at https://invisiblewaste.cargo.site/.
https://qpennyfan.com/ https://invisiblewaste.cargo.site/