i’m glad i exist is a project of collections aimed to become a familiar and accessible comfort in times of distress. the orange collection includes a journal, sweatshirt, mask, tote bag, an “emotional support” stuffed animal and a zine, all in efforts to emphasize community exists for people going through the same things and to communicate that you’re never alone in your journey. the symbol of the orange is a reminder to open up and share with others. peeling an orange isn’t pretty, it takes patience and persistence to peel back the skin, and once you’ve opened up, sharing a piece of you with a friend is the next step. the symbol of the pomegranate is a reminder to take your time and be gentle with yourself. just as you need to be careful, precise, and gentle while deseeding a pomegranate, this care can be brought with you when setting boundaries. the symbol of the fig is a reminder to decide and to take action and to feel solace in your decision. inspired by the bell jar, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities that wait in front of you. don’t let indecision paralyze you. remind yourself to pick a fig and keep moving forward.
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