We all have food memories. Some good, some bad. Food is an effective trigger of deeper memories of feelings + emotions, internal states of the mind and body. My thesis explores the idea of the 'Proust Effect' - the vivid reliving of events from the past through sensory stimuli and sensory déjá vu. These moments of flashback offers insight into someone's state of mind and shows how memory is embodied and embedded in nostalgia. Through my project, I curated a sensual experience that is based on people's memories by examining the emotions and lived experiences of the participants through food. I examined how consciously-recalled memories become an even more powerful memory through food and a pathway to the past by provoking nostalgia in positive and negative ways - as food can be comforting and sentimental but also trauma-triggering. The curation of the project focused on teenage to college years as I believed that it is the most pivotal time for development of identity, and in the coming years, I would like to further develop my collection. All photography and collage are original by juxtaposing different yet similar experiences of people, and to communicate culture and concepts that are personal to the participants. What is a food for you that opens the door to nostalgia?