Casera is a project focused on re-designing the way people learn to cook Mexican food. This project was inspired by my experience of learning to cook from my mother after moving to New York from California. Living upstate prior to moving to Brooklyn meant dealing with snow so extreme that oftentimes delivery or grocery shopping weren’t options. My mother stepped in and begun teaching me to cook, first via facetime, and later in California when I returned home at the start of the pandemic. The months I spent learning from her sparked a love of cooking that began to grow when I moved to Brooklyn later that year. This project combines my love of visual design, what I’ve learned at Pratt, and something that is personal to me. Casera aims to examine the factors that have made today’s social media and other digital platforms optimal spaces for creators to post recipe-related content. The project consists of an digital app and printed zine which combine similar stylistic elements that focus on clarity and a visual style which is largely informed by the photographic elements. The goal of the project is to get potential users excited about learning to cook something for themselves, and not just for survival.