Human beings desire attachment, belonging, and connection. Our family history is a core aspect of our identity and without it, we may have trouble grounding ourselves. With knowledge of family history comes the ability to understand the challenges our ancestors faced. For my thesis, I explored the documentation of family history. Using my own family as an example, I developed an immersive archival service in response to my thesis question: how will the documentation of family history change with the advancement of technology? I determined that this documentation will be more immersive and interactive in the digital age. My archival service, TMRW, allows the user to understand their ancestors through virtual reality memory, augmented reality objects, and personality test compatibility (among other features). TMRW is targeted towards Millennials and Generation Z. These generations are capable of utilizing the immersive features within the archive to educate their children and grandchildren. This concept is what led to the brand slogan: building off the present for a more informed future.