Due to the pandemic era, we are forced to keep social distance and spend more time with ourselves. Loneliness becomes more widespread than ever. It does not mean sheer isolation. We could feel lonely when we are physical with others. Even though loneliness can also threaten our mental health and lead to negative outcomes, it is a vague medical term and has not been categorized as an illness like depression. As a result, it does not gain so much attention in treatments and remedies, while it remains risky. As an intangible and subjective feeling, the project tries to define it and make it visible. Using graphic elements as a medium, the final outcome wants to raise the recognition of the following issues. What does loneliness look like? what are the things that truly matter to lonely people? What is your own strategy to deal with it? As the design solution, I come up with the brand "Sole", intending to accompany people when they are alone. The display includes a manual for loneliness and brand packaging. Besides introducing the definition, symptoms, and diagnosis, the manual identifies eighteen key terms that matter to lonely people. With each term, there is one daily object that deals with it. The manual is highly personalized, every user is welcome to define their strategies, and there is never a limit to identifications and treatments. The end goal is to help raise citizens' consciousness that loneliness is a global feeling, and you are never alone in this journey.