The project is researched and developed in the era of pandemics, when the world is fracturing, the reliance between countries and organizations is collapsing, and the cultural communication is decreasing. To remind people of the necessity of connecting with each other and valuing our culture and history as the species sharing space and living on the earth together, the project comes out as an educational zine including two volumes wrapped in a book jacket. Homo sapiens is the scientific name of human beings. It is assumed to be a reading material giving basic knowledge and introducing the fascinating sides of human beings to a nonhuman culture. The first volume briefly introduces the subject of anthropology and the interesting theory, Six degrees of separation. It focuses on the biological traits that people are born with, and suggests the connection between people is indispensable. The second volume depicts the humans from the cultural angle. It explores the duplicates similar to humans that they made for themselves for various reasons and lists several humanoid inventions from shadow puppets to dolls. Table of contents: I. Aren’t They All Just Human Beings? 1.The Study of Human 2.Six Degrees of Separation II. Humanoid Objects 1.Shadow Puppetry 2.Doll Collection