CLÉ is a skin care brand that introduces the Korean skin care philosophy of maintaining and preventing to promote healthy ways to care for the skin. As someone who flies back and forth between the US and South Korea with extremely sensitive skin, skin-related issues have always been aparent. While I got treatment and frequent access to the dermatologist in Korea, it was almost impossible to find a suitable way to treat for my sensitive skin in the US and ran into problems such as harsher facials, expensive dermatologist visits, or products that don't work. Although the beauty industry has been including and appreciating Korean brands and products, I wanted to portray more of the origin, philosophy, and culture because there's more interesting things that have brought Korean skin care culture to its fame. Beyond providing products that suits every skin type, because it is simply impossible, the brand aims to share the Korean-inspired skin care philosophy, which provides healthier outlook and mindset on skin care that prevents irritation and maintains skin health.