Kerong Xie (Shiloh)
Social Media in Shaping Public Opinion
The news media is the main method for the public to get information about other foreign countries, and it is also a powerful force to influence national politics. Media plays a key role in the formation and management of shaping public opinion. It provides people with information by creating "images" to suggest what is ethical, and acceptable. For some events that people cannot experience, the stories and images created by the media will have a huge impact on their thoughts. However, general stories about normal people in foreign countries are conspicuously absent from media coverage in most countries, and much of the reporting on foreign countries takes a compelling format to emphasize violence, conflict, and disaster. These reports often lack continuity and depth, neglect to report on the development of the country and society, and focus too much on negative reports. In the end, those reports will lead to considerable controversy, as well as the formation of stereotypes and prejudices. Therefore, in my thesis, I would like to use the United States as the representative of the Western country and China as the representative of the East, and further my research on how the media influences public opinion on foreign countries.