"Perhaps being surrounded by 8 million people is the worst kind of loneliness -“ My thesis studies the loneliness epidemic and how it is intensified in the city to propose a reimagined community space encouraging exchange in the local neighborhoods. Urban loneliness describes lonely individuals living in cities, an intersection between a mental state with the built environment. In New York City. we are hyper-exposed and weirdly isolated by the architecture of including the tall skyscrapers and divided office and apartment units. Not to mention the highly transient population and the hustling city culture - it can be difficult to build connections and feel heard sometimes. Through evaluating existing spaces and conducting audience surveys, I developed Ours, a community and culture-driven space for all and by all. The logomark derives from a pair of parentheses symbolizing inclusivity, evoking a sense of belonging and a space for sharing. The idea revolves around giving the community voice and prompts to engage, for instance, simple nudge for participation are designed for while you wait for your coffee order and cupholders are color-coded as non-verbal cues to signal whether or not you’re open to conversations. The space also features community boards designed to be expanded and puzzled as well as a social media collateral for the members to reach out, connect, and co-create #OursGuide.
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