The New York I know is one of infinite diversey, styles, and emotion in both humans and environment. One with recurring motifs that will die with the city, such as graffiti, street lamps, fire hydrants, rats, and trains. Such motifs have more intricate meaning to me as I notice their prevalence and role in the ecosystem of the sidewalk. However, with such diversity comes exclusion in forms such as gentrification, that erase the color of the neighborhood from buildings and the people, moving the aesthetic of suburbia’s dullness and repetition into the city. Through a series of posters, I will capture New York City’s diversity, chaos, and beauty under a style that is naturalistic and surreal at the same time. Such pieces will vary in terms of narratives, scale, palette, and composition to allow for diversity of character. Characters will be created through personification of objects, landscapes, and animals. My goal is to convey scenes of everyday life through a style that allows me to illustrate my imagination of New York.