Since human beings possess the ability to think, they have intensely cultivated the mechanism of Reflection: the capacity to process, review, and contemplate the flux of information and intelligence. Reflection is an inevitable mechanism that constantly chases us to the present, reminiscing the past towards our future. Though it may create an eternal return or entropy of intelligence, it also produces infinite plural choices. In my current work, I seek bridgeable freedom within thoughts, establishing the intersubjectivity between each individual existence varied from textual studies and visual productions to actual human beings. Through bifurcations of different reflections, this multimedia project aims to synthesize being and becoming so that the past, present, and future are conjoined together through Reflection. This project aims to create hybridity that transgresses different frontiers in order to legitimize every being’s voices with a plural unity over cruel alienation, creating a cyborg flux of freedom that is constantly developing. The burden will no longer be a burden but becomes an essential feature that we carry on. Specular Reflection is the clear and distinct image created from one’s own perception with an equal relationship between the subject and the object. Diffuse Reflection is the absurdity born from the confrontation between people’s desire for unity of intelligence and the paradoxical groundless situation they created about the world. Multiple Reflection is the infinite tunnel that forms between different reflections. It is the philosopher of the philosophers, the author of the authors, and the creator of all creators