Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Yuri Lee Illustration

Not in Love, but Deeply Committed

Editorial Design

The traditional sense of love is often challenged for what we have knowledge of what it is today. Love is complex and therefore there are many ways to perceive it and show it towards one another. For my thesis, I wanted to bring about a personal story about my grandparents and their relationship with one another and how they have helped me understand a different approach to what love can be. The story consists of the idea that my grandparents are currently divorced but both reside in the same retirement building, but in different apartments. Despite the separation, there is still a sense of care and admiration they have for each other, especially as both are growing older alone. The theme of the story overall is that despite what is viewed as a loss of love, the strength of family and the history of what they have gone through together in the past is what keeps the relationship still present. By emphasizing the difference of light and shadow, I was able to challenge myself in working within those two factors and benefitting from the colors to show contrast. I found that bringing more of a personal aspect towards my work is what makes my work at its best. I wanted to give off a feeling of warmth and content in my story that reflects what I want to show through illustrations overall. I hope this story is able to give you a sense of warmth to find in your own personal stories.