Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Yula Ye Graphic Design

The Fridge Tale

Character Design
Digital Product Design
Social Media

Food always delights me. I love food, and also feel sad when I see wasted food in my fridge. For my thesis project, I chose the fridge as the subject, focused on the food inside our fridge.

The process of this project is about both research and experimenting. I found that one-third of the food we produce globally is wasted every year, and that same amount could feed more than 800 million hungry people all over the world. These numbers surprised me, and I hope to address this through this work and create some dynamic and innovative solutions for it. That’s how my thesis was born. It was made during the severe time of COVID-19. We suddenly spent all day home, and this inspired me to create the character JOHNNA. JOHNNA is this weird looking expert who spent all life studying food. She’s a reflection of our bored quarantine life and trying to know about your fridges. I developed a website for JOHNNA and named it JOHNNA’s FRIDGE TALE. In this website, you can explore multiple functions like using the webcam to analyze the food inside your fridge, sharing fridge pictures, finding recipes, hovering through the food/food waste news, or even just listening to a food song. I wanted to provide information through fun illustrations and a playful tone of voice, hopefully helping to release the stress of current crazy time. This project also comes with an Instagram account where I posted a series of collage arts related to the topic and also encouraged people to share their fridge there.