Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Yaocheng Li Graphic Design



The brand of Destiny is inspired by the popular sneaker culture. Many young people are addicted to collecting sneakers. People always called them Sneakerheads, and the question is collection and resell sneakers are more like drugs or stocks? So this brand combines street culture, drugs, and stocks. Founded in , New York. The brand is named “Destiny” mainly because drugs and stocks change their fate once they become addicted, whether they are making money or losing money, even pay their lives. Destiny mainly manages two parts. The first part is street wear, which is co-branded with various brands, such as Nike and other shoe brands. The main products including T-shirts, Shoes, and street wear The second part is high-end apparel, the main customers are gentlemen walking in the financial market. The main products include suits, men’s skincare products, and watch accessories.