Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Tara Pajouhesh Advertising Art Direction

the end

Editorial Design
Publication Design
Type Design

On my 21st birthday I wrote myself a note. I had just been broken up with and in my angsty state, I needed something to make me feel ok. In this note I wrote “beginnings hide in ends.” As cliché as it sounds, this was just the end of a chapter. But what about the ends that only feel like ends? Like the passing of my grandfather, or memories that I can’t hold onto? No one can teach you about the end. Beginnings and ends are the only things we all have in common, yet we will never experience them the same way.

the end,” is a book about ends.

In a deeply personal exploration on the topic of endings, “the end” provides contemporary commentary on the topic we tend to discuss only when imminent or current. Through conversations surrounding how I want to be remembered, holding on to moments that are nearing their end, to preserving memories any way I can, this ever-growing book aims to provide comfort surrounding a topic that is often seen as morbid or scary.