Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Susanna Back Graphic Design

Observation of Light


Natural light is overlooked.

In hopes to stir up new conversation and shed light on how natural light can be perceived in a more thoughtful manner, this thesis encourages individuals to spend more time observing and being curious about the endless possibilities of light.

Project 1, Interaction, explores the lack of control individuals have in relation to natural light and time. By observing through a window and watching the subtle changes of color every hour, the user is forced to observe the relationship of time to natural light to see gradual change.

Project 2, Conversation, is a three-way conversation between myself, the sun, and the object placed on the construction paper. With the objects placed, the sun's movement in natural rotation allows for a continuous dialogue while imprinting the paper. This motion creates poetic conversations through the natural forms created by a breakage of bonds in the construction paper.

Project 3, Observation, captures the light that I personally overlooked in my childhood home. Each photo sequence is captured in correspondence to the time of day and the location of the sun in relation to the house.

All interactions and websites were coded. All conversation prints were scanned and colorized. All photos were taken on a Nikon D3200.