Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Sukyung Sue Lee Graphic Design

Viewing Us Through the Lens of Entropy, and the Law of Thermodynamics

Interface Design
Social Change

On Earth, mankind and our civilization have been advancing rapidly by using energy. Entropy is the byproduct of us using energy, for example, waste and gas which can not be used anymore but still remains in our world constantly causing harm. Entropy in the world always increases. We can’t create infinite energy or resources no matter how advanced our technology is. This is how the world is viewed in the book Entropy: A New World View written by Jeremy Rifkin. Inspired by the Law of Entropy, the thesis concept started developing from the question “how to deliver the idea of Entropy and Earth with the easily approachable visual outcomes to increase the awareness about the energy crisis?”. The question later developed into the second question “How to make the social issues real to people?”

The project is examining the environment and energy crisis we are facing with the lens of entropy. Are we able to handle the entropy created from the energies and resources we are using? The research is conducted by examining what the designer’s role to make social issues heard.