Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Serina Kammuller Advertising Art Direction

Transformation, Characterization, & Self Exploration

Editorial Design

Originally, my thesis set out to explore the two subjects: transformation and characterization. As the semester progressed, my thesis focus changed. As I began to complete my set plan, my desire to stop and play with the materials and narratives became more important than executing the plan itself. So my current thesis is… an exploration of myself.

What would my work look like under my own given prompts? What interests me? How do I think, process, and execute projects?

The original ideas behind my thesis were:

  1. Explore my relationship to film characters that influenced my childhood in the form of self portraits
  2. Create characterizations of old mythologies in order to explore whimsical narratives, as well as explore first attempts at special effects makeup

What came out of my thesis:

  1. Self portraits connected to 6 films
  2. Vellum scans of the layered self portraits, meant to represent the layering of personality
    1. Will become a large format coffee table book
  3. Four horoscope characters
  4. Growing skill in special effects makeup
  5. Two zines
    1. Third in progress currently
    2. Will grow with each self portrait series

The most recent adaptation of my thesis is to create an unset amount of mini zines that will exist in a single container together. It will act as the first step in a long term project. Each mini zine represents the intersection of where the character and myself cross paths. Altogether, the container will act as an over exaggerated, kitschy representation of me.

As I evolve, more mini zines and/or elements will be added to the container. It will grow as media continues to flow and change as I do.