Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Sakura Tateiwa Graphic Design

Form + Culture

Concept Art
Identity design
Product design
Publication Design
Social change
Type design

This is an inquiry driven investigation on the relationship between form and culture through the lens of typography and visual language.

The process includes visual research, experiments, and form explorations. They are organized in a website format (link here).

Stereotype is an issue that causes a number of cultural, racial, and gender conflicts. It could cause discrimination, especially when there’s a disaster (such as with covid-19), where people look for a certain group to blame.

This inquiry driven investigation approaches the issue of stereotype in Asian culture, with a topic that is the most approachable and recognizable to a wide range of audiences, which is food. Growing up in America as an Asian, the use of typography and visual aesthetic used for Asian restaurants stood out to me - why do the majority of Asian restaurants use the same font and aesthetic? Why is there a certain typeface that people recognize as an “Asian typeface”?

Form + Culture