Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Rachel O’Connor Graphic Design

The Immaculate Sacrifice

Education Design
Publication Design
Social Change
Type Design
“The treatment and depiction of disabled people throughout Christian history still has a profound effect on the treatment of disabled people in modern America.”

For a population so deeply effected by the beliefs of the church, the history of disability in Christianity has been one of negative space. In the American Christian sphere, disability is seen overlapping as a punishment for sin and a thing to be pitied. In this project, I recount a summarized history of disability from Pre-Biblical to modern day America, and examine what this means for all of us today. In the design, I strive to create something readable and accessible, taking into account typeface, color, and design choices to enhance readability and turn away from complex academic language.

The final project has panned out into a whopping 88 pages, and I have chosen a selection of pages from the introduction and first section to show here. The entire book can be viewed at my website.