Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Qing Wen Graphic Design


Concept Art
Digital Product Design

With the development of technology, more and more information becomes digital, such as cloud storage, social media, e-book, etc. It is generally believed that paper-based information has many deficiencies, such as easy to lose and unable to rapidly spread. But is digital information really a better choice? "Disappearing Typewriter" aims to explore the relationship between time and memory, and cause people to reexamine and think about the digital information in daily life.

01 - If all digital virtual messages have a lifespan, just as the handwriting on paper disappears with time, or as all things in the world would gradually disappear, will we communicate differently? The digital recording method gives people the opportunity to retain their memories for a longer period of time, for example we can look at photos that were five or ten years ago, or look up text messages and posts that have been posted before. But this also makes it difficult for us to completely remove the traces left on the Internet. Should digital information be given such qualities that change over time so that it has the right to be forgotten over time?

02 - Our cognition of time originates from the changes of day and night. In ancient times, people work from sunrise to sunset, but now the definition of time is gradually blurred. We no longer rely on observing the sun to judge time, since we have more accurate time measurement methods. In the digital age, the virtual window uses digital methods, to replicate the common time measurement method in our daily lives, using the sun as a reference.

03 - Sunlight has a special but overlooked meaning to human beings. Sometimes we forget that the sun could affect our perception of time. Sundial, as an ancient time measurement tool, relies on daylight to judge time. In today's extremely digitalized world, the sundial is reproduced in a virtual form and based on the most commonly used platform, which is mobile phones. The fingertip sundial is designed to create a different tool of measuring time, thereby triggering people's thoughts on electronic products and the concepts of time.