Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Olivia Cummings Graphic Design

Design and Music

Interface Design
Social Media
UX Design

It’s no mystery that design and music are linked. Famous designers like Peter Saville got their start designing for musicians. Artists, in general, have a relationship with music. How hard is it to make something in complete silence? Music paves the way for creativity and fluidity. Design and music used to have a very clear relationship but now, due to streaming, album covers are limited to tiny icons on our screens that we often overlook. During the rise of vinyl culture, the experience of picking up an album and looking at its cover was so important. Now designers working in the music industry have to focus hard on creating something that captivates their audience, something that makes those couple of seconds where we see the album cover on our screens have a lasting impression. It is vital that the designs truly connect to the audience. So how does a graphic designer create work for the music industry during a pandemic? One of the main things found during the course of this semester is that music is an important part of everyday life and brings a feeling of connection to all who listen. The music industry has been hit very hard by this pandemic and musicians have lost their income. My goal is to make sure that people are aware of ways to connect with the musicians that would have been touring.