Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Olioli Buika Illustration

Memory Musubi


Aloha! I’m Olioli, an illustrator who simply likes to tell stories and create art that brings about joy. For my thesis, I revisited memories of growing up in Hawai‘i to both explore the ordinary, small moments and uncover why they are spectacular. I “talked story” with some ‘ohana back home and asked them to retell their childhood memories. Whether it’s eating ahi poke or going on a drive to the beach – I am interested in moments like these that pass in an instant but seem endless, that slowly crawl by but are soon out of sight. Moments that are swiftly forgotten then, but are somehow still remembered now.

These six illustrations are the beginnings of an anthology/love letter about growing up in Hawai‘i. I hope to continue to bring all my family and friend’s stories to life because they're all so heartwarming and full of love. Mahalo to everyone for sharing these precious parts of you with me. A hui hou kāua…