Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Nicole Abrokwa Illustration



Watercolor is a medium that can be highly unpredictable. Because of its transparent nature and the process of layering when creating form, using watercolor is a slow and daunting task. The medium leaves little room for mistakes and can lack the consistency that digital mediums and other types of paints provide. Watercolor has been primarily used by artists to create landscapes most likely because of its ethereal quality, and it comes close to capturing the unpredictable patterns of nature. I am interested in human interaction, which I believe is similar to the wonder of nature. The interaction between people is as meaningful to me as a hazy landscape or the still waters of a lake. Human touch reminds us that we are real physical beings with the ability to cause harm and provide comfort. For my senior thesis I created five pieces that are emotionally charged and allow the viewer to be able to relish in the tender fragility that is human touch. I believe these final pieces will show how watercolor can offer a quality beyond the immediacy of photography while still approaching its realism. just as it has been used to capture the warmth of sun rays in a landscape.