Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Míla Durishan Illustration

For The Sake of Ten

Character Design
Concept Art

SPASAUSD is an ongoing creative project I started in . I intend to turn it into a graphic novel tentatively titled For the Sake of Ten, described as follows:

“Five hundred years after the grisly conclusion to a magical cold war, a girl named Spas discovers ancient technology that will let her change the world. Doing so requires her to care about others in a way they’ve never cared about her. She struggles to find motivation while watching her friends fight for what they believe in, and starts to fracture under the weight of their expectations.”

This project explores some of the key locations, characters, and visuals in the story. Every small scene starts with a pen drawing based on engravings such as those by Dürer, Saenredam and Goltzius. I follow this up with a comic showing interactions between important characters in the story within that location. By doing this, I give a general overview of the plot and show character progression throughout the story.