Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Marcus Nicolois Advertising Art Direction

Branding the BetaSpace

Game Design

Student Artists and Designers are qualified through the quality of their work. The portfolio is king; it speaks on behalf of us, much louder than us, a documentation of our actions louder than words. We approach its creation in fear; procuring every piece to show to the people and employers who will both drive us to make more and provide for us day to day. We want no weak links in this ensemble; it would undo us.

This fear bars students from exploring more modern/experimental mediums. Platforms that have just been brought into the public eye, with no formal craft or practice will be almost automatically deemed a waste of time.

These new mediums are left untouched by those preparing for their entrance to the working world, thus leaving students with a wall between innovative ideas and pieces that is next to unsurmountable despite having all of the resources of a university on their side.

The BetaSpace was designed to erase that wall - an online and physical popup space designed to get developing creators involved with new and emerging tech founded by professors and staff across several departments at Pratt Institute.

In branding the BetaSpace, the use of web art and artifacted GIFs produced via passing a 3D render through multiple programs provides a look that is destictly in line with the feeling of the new tech present within the BetaSpace, but not so polished that it appears inaccessible. The look I created for the BetaSpace was designed to win the intrigue of those willing to make the dive into experimental mediums.