Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Marcela Monko Graphic Design

Digital Vices: An investigation of our behaviors to digital devices

Digital Product Design
Product Design

Digital Vices is an investigation of the behaviors associated with the use of digital devices by creating a series of objects that re-imagine phones as interactive sculptures, in order to observe the way human behavior adapts to new technologies and objects.

We as humans have collectively been taught to use our digital devices in a certain way. This is because of the way technological product design as developed over the years. Because of this, there are many corresponding behaviors that are developed by the use of these digital devices. We rarely view our phone as an object that we have to adapt to, but in many ways we do, and without these behaviors it would be impossible to interact with our phones in a ‘normal way’. These are called “digital frustrations”, situations in which we rely on our digital devices for the tasks we perform every day.

I have developed 3 objects that re-imagine the classic phone, recreating it to evoke frustration and train ourselves to use it in a certain way. Usable digital devices then become statuesque objects, focusing on the hands-on experience with this product, and in what ways is human behavior trained with the use of a new technology and objects. I focused on 3 specific behaviors for each phone object. (1) Focuses on the act of ‘percussive maintenance’, (2) focuses on gestures associated with our cell phone, and multiple stimulations, (3) focuses on the act of cell trance, and pacing with our phone.