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95 ideas for a thesis project

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Dear reader,

As a title, “95 ideas for a thesis project” is my idea of a little joke. Maybe it’s just a way to cope with all the seriousness of the thesis project as an institution. “How’s your Thesis going?” has become a familiar refrain in the halls. And while a thesis project is significant, I’ve never been one to take myself, or anyone else, too seriously.

This project orbits around a list of 95 ideas, all of which I see as distinct possibilities for a thesis project. This list is a work in progress, (as of writing this document, the list has swollen to 137 ideas) an ever-growing catalogue of all my ideas for projects large and small. Some are as trivial as an idea for a t- shirt I’d like to make, and some are as ambitious as an idea for a novel I’d like to write.

The goal was to make work in an organic way, coming up with my own strategies to work with as I went, jumping between projects as desirable, moving between modes of writing and image-making, making quick works, silly works, ugly works, unfinished works, and developing my own sense of what a good idea looks like.

What’s a thesis project supposed to look like, anyway?