Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Kasey Roberts Illustration

Hello, My Name is Kasey

Exhibition design
Product design

Hello! My Name is Kasey is a self-directed project about finding myself through my art. Growing up, I always felt as though illustration had been a huge part of my identity. This project takes the viewer through my childhood by illustrating my story on different pairs and styles of shoes. I created six pairs of shoes, each pair with a one page comic to accompany it. When all of the comic pages are combined together it creates one large map of my childhood, making it easier for the viewer to read and visualize my journey. I chose shoes as my canvas for illustration and narrative because they combine my love for surface/product design, hand lettering, and textile design into one cohesive project.

A different event of my life is represented not only through the illustration, but also through the different styles of shoes: From size one baby shoes, to ice skates, to tap shoes, this project takes the viewer through my earliest years in a new and unconventional way. This project is centered around how these events in my life have transformed me, turning me into the artist that I am today - it’s saying goodbye to childhood, and hello to adulthood.