Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Kain Yoo Illustration

New Forms of Storytelling

Concept Art
Ux Design

The first animated video with a story and characters was from 3 years ago, a short horror poetry of a girl scared of an unknown existence coming home happening to be the ghost itself, waiting for the person to come home. After that I decided to use last semester to expand on the short ghost narrative into a bigger composition. Concept illustrations, character sketches, and storyboard were used to present these expansions. From knowing that I was also interested in UX/UI, I wanted to see if I can also try new platforms other than traditional methods I have been using for years to narrate my story. First was to research visuals of the objects, photographs, patterns, person, and the writing. Then by using these visual researches, I used my sketchy illustrations to create a catalog of objects. This catalog was used for prototyping VR and AR: tools that were very new to myself. Using 2D flat images on 3D tools was challenging but also interesting. Several identical images were combined to look like a 3D model. Finally, I made use of the 360 space in VR to create a world of maze that represents the concept of my narrative. For AR, patterns and objects were used to provide interactivity with the human face and body, such as a face mask. The whole experimentation enabled my ability to expand on a short story I made several years ago, from a simple poem to a digital 3D space.