Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Josefine Cardoni Advertising Art Direction

You Forgot Some Things Last Time You Were Home


I began this project because I’ve been increasingly interested in the concept of collective emotion – specifically at a time like now, where I, along with many of my friends and peers are in a hugely transitionary stage in our lives. I struggled to explain or visualize these emotions we all experience in relation to nostalgia and growth; this intimate feeling of perhaps a contradictory jumble of confusion, comfort, longing, apprehension, etc… On top of our realizations of how fleeting moments are — seemingly now more than ever.

So, I reached out to people asking if they’d be willing to let me shoot and interview them about a space or object that’s been largely significant in their life. This project follows 8 people through their stories of a space that means something to them. They’re documented through digital and analog photo and video, and are housed on a web platform. It’s accompanied by a short film following the same themes. For now, you can view the trailer that also serves as a trailer for the project as a whole.

My goal for this project was to show the ephemeral nature of life — the moments where it feels like the time to move on, but still needing to find comfort in your past to go forward. I want to invoke these feelings in whoever’s watching — even though it’s not them or their space, I hope it can still feel personal. I aimed to better understand myself and my growth and I feel that understanding these intimate parts of others allows us understand ourselves better as well.

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