Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Jooyoung Park Graphic Design

Home in a Box


A house is a structure—four walls and a roof—and home can also be a house. However, our associations of home are thought of more so through nebulous experiences, memories, and emotions rather than tangible objects. Some people may be homesick longing for the nostalgic notions of home they once experienced, or perhaps long for a glimpse of what they want home to be. We all seek that sense of comfort according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs both physiologically and emotionally. Whether it is through real estate, products such as state-scented candles, or food to get a “taste of home,” “home cooking,” or “smells like home,” many of us spend money longing for these nostalgic memories of what we believe home to be. What if home, both the good and bad, was packaged into one big subscription box? Through zines to comics to interactive experiences, can our values, memories, and experiences of home truly be boxed into a pleasant commodity? Is home even what we’re looking for?

Thinking back on memories such as the foreclosure of my childhood house due to the financial crash to the cheap and sweetly priced $2 snacks from the country I used to call home, the half-satirical Home in a Box was created to invite you to think about memories, your own definition of home, and speculate the value and experience of home as a form of a commodity.