Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

JongKwan Lee Graphic Design

Inhale your emotion

Concept Art
Education Design
Interface Design
UX Design

Emotion-based memory remains in the human mind and leads us to follow the same route according to the past experience to avoid danger. The action of making a circuit calls bypassing. According to Beau Lotto’s theory, to perceive an actual reality, we need to acknowledge and be aware of the information contributing. At the same time, we need to modify the believed experience to change our assumption. The ideation of alteration of assumption develops human memory. Also, Marcel Proust indicated the smell could deliver emotional memory through our olfactory stimuli. The recalled memory is the forgotten memory long before, which shows that emotion-based memory remains in the human mind. Therefore the emotion is the main bridge to connect human cognition to their behavior.

But how can I design an artifact and experiences using multi-sensorial modularities to trigger personal memory? How can a tool or artifact produce a new experience for the individuals? What if technology can restore human consciousness in digital format?

To provide a new role to the graphic designers in the future and provide further treatment to people, I designed a participatory workshop, VIVID: the scent memory lab. This workshop is proposing a series of emotional scent tools, artifacts, and experiences to trigger personal emotional memory through olfactory stimuli with new types of individual emotion-based scents to suggest a new pathway.