Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Jihoon Song Graphic Design

The Flattened World

Concept Art
Digital Product Design
Identity Design
Product Design
Social Change
Type Design
UX Design

This projects is an inquiry that explores how ideology influence design through research of North Korean graphic and and visual experiments of the fictional nation’s design language. In free-market economy system, selected designs survive, and excluded designs prepare for the next chance with improved strategies. It must be user-centered in this process, and it led progression of design history.

However, what if our world, such as politics, economy, culture, is ruled by different ideology like North Korea’s Juche idea? What would be a design language of the world? Would the things we know and learn be valid? The explains the relation between ideology and visual language through lot of paradoxical works, which is de-branding of brands in capitalist nations today and flattening visual identities in graphic design field.

The project covers various areas of communication design including branding of fictional nation (the world run by Juche idea), package design, advertising, illustration, and brief investigation of UX. Also, it throws a question what the direction of visual should be to us, and I want you to ventilate your think and reconsider your stance as a graphic designer through this project.