Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Jessica Kim Graphic Design

Experimenting with Experiences

Exhibition design

Time is merely an observation of change. As humans, we project physical boundaries on the intangible notions of time in order to believe we understand it. Through the experimentations of time-keeping phenomenons, represented as a clock, a candle, and an hourglass, each and every tool had its own characteristics in telling a certain type of time.

This knowingly led to the question: How can we alter and abstract these tools in a way where we can better observe and experience the change in time that these objects bring to us?

By emphasizing what these time-keeping tools would be like if the “time-keeping” part was basically stripped from the concept, the process began with documenting these tangible tools and then manipulating them to bring in a whole new meaning in telling time. In taking these new visual representations of time and projecting them back onto a bounded object, the goal of this project was to capture the qualities that materialize the meaning of time rather than focusing on how time is usually presented as quantitative.