Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Jamie Yngcong Illustration


Character Design

I explored the themes of chaos and destruction, particularly related to conspiracies and theories related to the “end of the world.” The picture I was originally trying to create was sensationalized and dramaticized for humor but reasonably possible with the realities of our current society. I wanted to create a narrative of apocalyptic events loosely tied into one another as commentary for the growing fears of the future of our society. However when I first began working on my thesis, I did not anticipate that my subject matter would begin to manifest itself into reality. I decided to shift the tone of the work from a sensationalized narrative to a more biographical one to reflect my personal fears, anxiety, and experiences living through this pandemic. The work can be viewed in two parts; the earlier work experiencing or creating chaos that is fictional, the later work redefining the meaning of chaos as it presents itself in actuality.