Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Jairo Antonio Gomez Jr. Graphic Design

Elements of Extortion

Concept Art
Digital product design
Editorial design
Environmental graphics
Exhibition design
Product design
Social change

Through the developmental stages of technology there are different stages in which a new technology becomes integrated into a large portion of a civilization. Throughout history there have been moments of technological change and coping with that technological change, time and time again. Those who do not cope, depending on the magnitude of the new technology introduced, will either be phased out or have to find an alternative.

This project explores the power dynamics and preconceived notions of digital technologies as disconnected from materiality. Through a series of curated images and countercultural artifacts based off of a (working) number of ideal principles, each stemming from science fiction. Along with mocking the essence of corporate and government entities.

The project is a reflection and critique of how technology trends become integrated in a civilization and how new ways of living are oftentimes passively embodied info artifacts. The artifacts were created from what are considered ‘old’ technologies that were bought cheap or found, such technology is deemed no longer popular by capitalism and its users.

Overall the project is meant to inspire and diffuse generational dependence and change consumer behavior along with maintaining ecological awareness and integrity, seeing as technology is an extension of human intention and power. Posing such questions, is there an alternative to overconsumption of communication technologies? Why are we being watched by government entities but not protected? Who truly benefits from new technologies?