Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Isabel Campbell Graphic Design

Who Are We? Where Are We Going?

Editorial Design
Publication Design
Sound Production

For a long time I struggled with what I thought I wanted to do within “Graphic Design.” Only recently did I realize that what I was really interested in was narrative and storytelling, which isn’t bound to graphic design at all.

So I decided the subject matter of my thesis would be narrative, specifically the narrative of myself and those around me at Pratt. I was interested in what brought us to this point, and where we see ourselves going. What influenced us in our childhood, our coming-of-age? How have we changed? What are we doing, making? Who do we want to be?

As far as production and outputs, I wanted to explore roles in addition to graphic designer, such as curator, interviewer, editor, transcriber, and archivist. Of course with Covid-19, my final product had to become an entirely digital experience. But in addition to this formal shift in output, the pandemic itself emerged as a character in this interview series I was conducting. It was changing our present and projections of the future drastically, serving as a marker for what increasingly feels like a Before, and an After.

This is: Who Are We? Where Are We Going?