Pratt BFA Communications Design Thesis

Hanna Choi Advertising Art Direction

TwoFold: Unfolding Sex Ed For All

Education Design
Product Design
Social Change

With the help of many different pioneers, we as a society can wholeheartedly agree that every child has the right to education. Yet many hesitate when it comes to sex education. Especially sex ed that actually works. Politicians and religious groups have opposed sex education since , shaping society’s perceptions which created a bias towards these topics. The creation of these stigmas and lack of proper sexual curricula has contributed to devastating consequences that affect the population’s sexual health and general wellbeing.

Through research and personal investigation, I found that most people in the U.S. have had a negative or underwhelming experience with sex ed and that they wish that they could have learned more to make better life choices.

Having access to sex education is a human right as sexuality is a fundamental part of being human. Our explorations and learnings should be celebrated without shame. These beliefs have led me to create TwoFold for my senior thesis. TwoFold is an organization that teaches comprehensive, human-centered, and medically accurate sex education for those who deserve the best quality education possible. The youth of our nation is our future and TwoFold was formed in hopes to create a wave of positivity and encourage sex education to unfold for all.