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Emma Chong Advertising Art Direction

Emma’s Travel Journal

Publication Design

Last year, through an internship, exchange program, and sheer serendipity, I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to spend half a year on the other side of the world — in Europe. I spent this time getting work experience, hopping trains, and meeting new people in various places. My 21st year was a time of freedom, exploration, growth and travel.

I decided to document these experiences in an illustrated coming-of-age travelogue detailing stories about the people, places and things I’ve seen on the six months that I had spent abroad. Not meant to be a glitz and glam re-telling — but an honest account of my travels that tries to capture it in all its joys and discoveries, as well as the mess ups and mistakes I’ve made along the way, told through my eyes as a young backpacker emerging into womanhood. This book hopes to inspire spontaneity, joie de vivre, and finding things that are off-the-beaten-path. This Senior Thesis project will be an on-going to cover eight chapters.

This is a sneak peek of some illustrations that I’ve been working on for the first chapter — Copenhagen, Denmark, where I began my journey.